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Exhibition Overview

Look beyond the Hollywood stereotypes to experience a living religion that profoundly expresses the Haitian national experience in Vodou: Sacred Powers of Haiti, appearing only at The Field Museum from October 24, 2014, through April 26, 2015.

Come stand among the legion of “Lwa,” or spirits, who vividly personify everything from love and sensuality to the courage of warriors. Witness the sights and sounds of a ritual possession ceremony, and get a rare look into the workroom of a Vodou secret society.

At the heart of this exhibition are more than 300 objects, including altars, vivid mixed-media sculptures, drums, sequined-covered flags, and charismatic, large-scale representations of spirits. Rather than being enclosed behind glass, almost all the objects appear in open-air displays, allowing you to forge an unforgettable, emotional connection with them.

Hear from Vodou practitioners, who share their stories and encourage you to reflect on your own faith and traditions. Discover how their spiritual beliefs reveal the Haitian collective remembrance of triumph over slavery, and see why Vodou remains a vital force today in the contemporary world beyond the borders of this island country.

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